Monday, April 22, 2013

Upgrade Your Home’s Electrical System With A Portland Oregon Electrician

Dang, you keep popping fuses and you spend way more money on fuses than anything else. One call to your Portland Oregon Electrician can fix that for you. 

Believe it or not, there are quite of few houses with fuse boxes. Some people believe that “if ain’t broke, then don’t fix it” and while that is true in the long run it is better to fix something before it breaks. Do you really want to be spending days in the dark because your fuse box went and now you are scrambling around looking for an electrician?  Fuses boxes were fine back in the day but not circuit breaker boxes are much better and much easier to use for the homeowner. Instead of changing fuses, all you have to do is a flip a switch. Of course, if you still have a fuse box then chances are you might really need the house rewired. 

If this sounds like you, then why not call your Portland Oregon Electrician, Rose City Electric Company for a free estimate.  There are many reasons to update your electrical system if you are a homeowner. Safety is the best reason to update an old electrical system. Eventually shorts can appear in the wires which lead to fires which is bad. Another is a new electrical system adds value to your home. Another good reason is if you get a new electrical system one that is energy efficient, then you might be eligible to receive income tax credit. 

It is simple to get a hold of your local Portland Oregon Electrician, Rose City Electric Company. You can call them at 503-287-6164 or visit their website at and get a free estimate for the services you need. Remember this is a good time because even if it isn’t broke doesn’t mean it is not a good time to fix it, plus interest rates are still low and you could get a home equity loan to make the improvements. Think about how having a professional to come in and upgrade your electrical system could give you a peace of mind and add value to your home. 

Contact your Portland Oregon Electrician today and see how they can make your home safer and better and possibly more energy efficient. 

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