Monday, January 19, 2015

3 Reasons Hiring A Portland Electrician To check Your Wiring Is A Good Idea

Electrical maintenance work is something which must be performed every 3 to 4 years. Whether you live in an apartment or own a home, whether it’s your office which needs rewiring done, hiring a Portland electrician is the best way to go about it. To do this, visit Rose City Electric on the web to get a Portland electrician out to test your wiring.

Small children can often be the first at risk for electrical hazards. Any loose wiring lying about your home can prove to be potentially fatal. The same goes for pets as well. As a homeowner it’s your responsibility to hire a good Portland electrician who can take care of any sort of lose wiring or cables.

Potential Dangers Of Improper Wiring-3 Reasons For Hiring A Portland Electrician

Improper or repeated use of electrical switches might cause them to become lose. This in turn can loosen the wiring which increases risk of getting an electrical shock. Sometimes these lose wirings can create electrical arcing. Arcing is a phenomenon when electricity starts flowing freely as a gas between the switches. This mean that even a slight touch to an electrical socket can lead to electrocution. Therefore it’s a good idea to hire a Portland electrician to check out any lose wirings around your homes or offices.

Often enough when people start noticing the switch plates getting warm they think that they might require an electrician but keep on putting it off. Either because they forget or simply because they don’t consider it to be a potential hazard. This can lead to the wirings in the switch becoming overheated. It can also lead to igniting of the wires which could be one of the major reasons of a fire hazard within homes.

Why risk the life of your loved ones or those around you. It’s something which doesn’t take days and hiring a Portland electrician proves to be pretty economical. 

Portland Electrician to the Rescue

Sam had recently moved into a new home. Since she was happy about the way things looked, she didn’t think too much about maintenance and all. However the wiring at home was kind of old and there were times when Sam noticed that the lights fused ever too often. Things would have been drastic had it not been for Sam’s cat Thomas. Thomas is a curious little critter, habitual of touching anything which catches his fancy; he was playing about with a socket which seemed bit loose. Same noticed that Thomas was jolted and thrown backwards. She rushed towards him and saw that the poor thing had just received an electrical shock. That warranted an immediate visit to a vet and a frantic call to an electrician. The Portland electrician she hired was surprised to discover a great deal of lose wiring around the home.

Be smart and avoid potential risks to family and loved ones. Hire a Portland electrician today!

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