Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Tucson Appliance Repair- 4 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Dryer

A dryer throws in warm air to allow the wet clothes to become dry. However, over use of dryer or overloading it a great deal might cause the belt to work a great deal more. This can either cause smoke to come out of the dryer or the belt to break.

The following are the few signs which point that you might need to replace your dryer sooner than you think.

Electric Dryer Stops Drying The Clothes

Since electric dryers are normally attached to circuits or plugs, a faulty circuit might result in a dryer which won’t work. If the dryer is plugged in properly and there are no breaks in the circuit chances are your dryer either needs to be repaired or replaced. In case you want to get your dryer repaired make sure to call in Tucson appliance repair.

The Dryer Stops Working After A Short While

If you have been having trouble with your dryer shutting off all of a sudden without completing the cycle, it’s probably a problem with the thermostat or the thermal resistor.

The Dryer Starts Making Strange or Unusual Noises

Any sort of thumping or vibrating sound probably points out that the dryer is at an incline and not at a leveled surface. Check that the dryer rests on a flat surface level.  Another reason could be a small object which is stuck in the dryer. If the problem persists despites this safety measures you might have to replace your dryer.

It Takes The Longest While For Clothes To Get Dry

If you think that your clothes are taking forever to dry you could check for the lint filter. Probably its covered with too much lint and needs to be given a thorough cleaning. Also try and reduce the amount of clothes you put in a dryer. Too many clothes mean that each item doesn’t get the necessary heat and remains wet.

In case of any of the above mentioned signs it’s wise to first call in the services of repair technician. They can help determine the problem with your dryer and advise you on repairing or replacing it. For more information call Tucson Appliance Repair or visit for all your appliance troubleshooting. 

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